Exporting a PDF file using NativePDF, you may notice the loss of math symbols in “PDE ?_? = Δ₁^? ?”.


PowerBuilder 2017 R3 Build 1951 and later 


NativePDF uses the third-party plugin PDFlib to convert the content to EMF format before exporting the PDF file. When the AutoSize Height property of a DataWindow column is enabled, NativePDF handle all of the contents in this column as a whole and redraws them using the current set font. 

When the column font is set to Arial or Arial Unicode MS font, NativePDF cannot export them correctly as the specified font doesn't support the math symbols "PDE ?_? = Δ₁^? ?". 


Solution #1:

Change the font from Arial or Arial Unicode MS font to one that supports math symbols "PDE ?_? = Δ₁^? ?", such as Segoe UI.

Solution #2:

Change the AutoSize Height property of the specific DataWindow column to No.

Sample code:

dw_1.Object.customcolumn.Height.AutoSize = "No"