When the PowerClient/PowerServer application is run from the desktop shortcut, the same commandline arguments saved from previous application run are passed to the application.


The commandline arguments passed from the browser to the Cloud App Launcher are saved in the pbapp.ini file in the client application directory and will be passed to the application when the Launcher starts the application. 


If you don’t want to keep the commandline arguments, you can remove them as follows after the application receives the arguments.

string ls_startParam

long ll_pos


ls_startParam = ProfileString ( 'pbapp.ini', 'dwcenter', 'startParam', '' )

ll_pos = pos(ls_startParam, '?')

if ll_pos > 0 then

                ls_startParam = mid(ls_startParam, 1, ll_pos -1)

                SetProfileString ( 'pbapp.ini', 'dwcenter', 'startParam', ls_startParam )

end if